Salt: a vital ingredient

Salt is considered the most important inorganic raw material, representing the basic substance for many industrial sectors which process it in order to obtain sodium, chlorine, hydrochlorate acid, sodium hydroxide, sodium carbonate, etc. At the same time, salt is also used in the canned food industry, paints and varnishes industry, paper industry, plastics industry, textile industry, metallurgical industry and the tannery industry. Moreover, salt is used in the inorganic chemical industry and the pharmaceutical industry as well.


Our company is a direct importer and distributor of all kinds of alimentary and industrial salt (iodized and non-iodized), with more than 10 years of experience in this field. We provide transportation anywhere in the country, promptly fulfilling any order. We distribute salt imported from Ukraine, Belarus, Turkey but also Romanian salt. MDS GRUP offers you the following salt products at promotional prices:

Alimentary sea salt

Industrial and de-icing salt

Salt tablets

Our range of iodized salt for direct human consumption meets the organism’s need for iodine. Iodized salt offers the same degree of salinity as the regular salt and it is used in the same quantities both at table and when cooking. The rock salt, which comes in a variety of granulations, iodized or non-iodized, meant both for alimentary use and for industrial use, is used both for human consumption and for zootechnical purposes or for de-icing the roads during winter. All products made of alimentary rock salt offered by MDS GRUP meet the quality criteria stipulated by SR 13360 Standard.

Promotional offer for sea salt!

Sea salt is renowned for its content rich in minerals and it is recommended for consumption. Sea salt, obtained by evaporating the sea water, contains, unlike the mine salt, other sediments and minerals as well, sodium being the most prominent one.

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MDS Logistics

MDS GRUP, through its own logistics and unloading and storage facilities, is here for you providing quality services such as:

• Unloading the cargo on 2 broad gauge railways (CIS) ready to receive cars loaded with cargo from the Community of Independent States, with a capacity of 16-20 cars

• Storing general bulky goods at the unloading lines as well as in our own storage facilities